Zerocalcare – 3D collection

Collect cult comic book characters

The project

The Armadillo, the Panda, the Wild Boar Friend, Sarah, Secco, friends, family, demons and imaginary advisors…: all the irresistible characters that make “Zerocalcare” the most eclectic and original comic strip on the Italian scene.

A project developed for Centauria and thought for the true fans of the genre. Zerocalcare is the most famous Italian cartoonist, who in recent years has sold over a million copies and gave life, with his extraordinary imagination, to countless characters, the protagonists of his comics. His stories have fascinated young and old, different generations that find in zerocacalcare’s comics a common point.

The processing

The winning idea was to give life to this series of characters trying to give them a third dimension. They are in fact 3D reproductions, faithful in every detail and expression, hand painted and created on original drawings of the author and under his direct artistic supervision.

More than 120 3d reproductions of the Zerocalcare characters.

Thanks to @Centauria for videos e contents.

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