Looney tunes-copertina 2

Looney Tunes Crazy Chess

The game of chess has never been so fun!

The project

In 2007 De Agostini decided to replicate the huge success of HARRY POTTER CHESSBOARD made one year before. In collaboration with Warner Bros, they chose to combine the serious world of chess with the funny world of Looney Tunes. The real challenge was to find a way to make children passionate about a game that has always belonged to adults.

From these initial considerations, after a long period of technical studies, came to life the LOONEY TUNES CRAZY CHESS project.

After selecting with Warner Bros the characters and their role on the chessboard, De Agostini thought that to make the game even more fun, each of these characters should have a special effect.

They decide that Tweety and Speedy Gonzales should have been the pawns, Duffy duck and Porky Pig the towers, Willie Coyote and Road Runner the bishops, Sylvester and Spike the horses, She-Devil and Lola Bunny the Queens and Taz and Bugs Bunny the King.

Each piece was equipped with a hexagonal base with light, to obtain a fantastic light effect on the chessboard. The chess plate is divided into 4 parts to be connected one to each other and inserted into a frame with 4 corners. Also the frame has light function.

The process

Our challenge was to give a playful and scenic effect to each chess, thanks to the electronic and mechanical functions, in full respect of the conflicted spirit among the characters, typical of Looney Tunes cartoons. Mission fully complete!

The organic modeling team and the technicians worked side by side for the entire design process. First, we had to prepare 2d drawings of the characters, considering both the playful function and the spirit of each one. Then we prepared the 3d models, following carefully the Warner Bros style guide. 3d models were then filled with electronics in order to get the approval and start moulding and engineering.

After the various steps in the approval process, all the chess pieces and the base were recreated in technical files ready for moulding and production.


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