Harry Potter Castle

Buildable Hogwarts Castle

Build the iconic place of Harry Potter saga

The project

Hogwarts Castle, build the most famous school of Magic of all time, published by “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and “Corriere della Sera”.

Thanks to an innovative proposal from RCS, born in collaboration with Warner, we have provided our creative and productive support to the development of an exclusive collection dedicated to Harry Potter fans of all ages.

A reproduction in large format (56 x 45 x 55 cm high), made by high quality ABS plastic, of the original Hogwarts Castle: the Great Hall, the Tower with the Great Staircase and an entire wing of the castle.

The process

Our modeling team has recreated the structure of the exterior and interior of the Castle in every detail, obtaining the approval of Warner Bros. Through the use of an innovative production technique, the external walls of the structure show surface details with an ” antiqued “faithful finish same to the original. There is no shortage of special effects that enrich the work: the magic wands that can move the stairs of the Tower and find the hidden symbols of the students’ houses (Gryffindor- Hufflepuff- Slytherin- Ravenclaw) and 3D glasses to enjoy three-dimensional visual effects in the inside spaces of the Great Hall.

To make the castle atmosphere even more “magical”, large rooms light up internally to become visible even in the dark.

They could not miss, to relive the adventures of Harry Potter as many as 20 hand-decorated PVC miniatures of the most iconic characters of the saga: Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid and many others including some of the “fantastic beasts” that populate the School of Magic.

Thanks to Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera for contents, images and video.


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