Production is done in certified factories that have passed all the quality checks and inspections to show fitness for purpose. Before production begins, all the workers in each factory is trained, and subsequently monitored, by those responsible for the production.

Our specifications require safety parameters that are as much as five times more restrictive than those officially required by the major regulations: ISO, EC, EN 71, RohS, etc. Respect for these parameters is imposed on all our producers and also required from all sub-contractors within the entire production chain, ensuring the same standards are applied all the way from raw materials to finished product


All our production processes are subjected to on-site quality control by trained and supervised staff. Reports are produced for each control process that document the status of the work and the quality of the production. Depending on the type of production and the destination of the products, we also set compliance and acceptability requirements (specifications). The products, once through customs, then goes to our warehouses where it undergoes a final control to ensure it has not suffered from damage or other issues during shipping. Only after this final check is the delivery authorised for delivery to the customer.

All the products are handed over to the client after quality controls and certifications have been passed. The certifications are performed by recognised international certification authorities, with whom Pea&Promoplast sets up a sharing and technical consultancy phase in order to identify the critical elements of each gadget with respect to its target market and potential usage. For products destined for other countries, we ensure compliance with local certification requirements by entrusting the certification authority with providing the relevant specifications according to the applicable laws. (E.g. the use of formaldehyde in Russia is more restricted compared to the Italian market.)